Der8auer LINC: Prototype for Computex 2019

electing the ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme for the motherboard, der8auer chose a powerful and robust model to form the basis of his LINC prototype. The T-shaped LINC Monoblock covers the massive VRM of the enthusiast-class motherboard as well as the CPU socket in its entirety. The LINC monoblock extends to the lower edge of the huge motherboard, as there has to be an interconnect available next to all the PCIe slots for a LINC GPU block. In order to cool the CPU, the VRM as well as the graphics card(s) needs to receive coolant that flows across multiple interconnected components. Even with multiple graphics cards in tow, the only G1/4 ports needed are on the LINC Monoblock.

Visually the der8auer LINC prototype impresses with its combination of black cooling fins and aluminium covers. The cooling elements above the I/O panel even include a small plaque with the serial number, in this instance, given that it is a prototype, the number is 1. A total of ten are planned for the Dominus Extreme mini-series. Additional motherboard-specific LINC monoblocks and LINC GPU blocks for the most common series of graphics cards are already in the pipeline and given der8auer’s prodigious creativity and output it’s unlikely that we’ll have long to wait for more information to be forthcoming.