Alpenföhn Brocken ECO Advanced CPU Cooler: Top Cooling & Easy Installation

The Features of the Alpenföhn Brocken ECO Advanced at a Glance:

  • Ultra high-performance CPU cooler with 170 W TDP
  • Four 6mm heatpipes in nickel-plated copper
  • Efficient WingBoost 3 fans in 120 mm format
  • Improved RAM compatibility thanks to asymmetric design
  • High compatibility with AMD and Intel
  • Updated for easy installation

The compact dimensions of the Brocken ECO Advanced are not a result of cost-cutting, but rather as an update to help users who have less room to spare in their cases for a traditional tower-style cooler. The fan adds greatly to this, with its 120mm format helping the ECO Advanced (including the fan itself) protrude less into the case, with the total height being just 14,9 cm as a result. A total of four copper heat pipes make contact between the baseplate and the cooler with its aluminium fans. The 6mm heat pipes are embedded directly into the baseplate thanks to the “Gapless H.D.T.” manufacturing process, thereby maximising the total surface contact area.

In this asymmetrical design, the four heat pipes and the heat sink are designed to not be centred directly over the baseplate, but instead slightly offset to the rear, the result of this is that almost all motherboards on the market will not have a single RAM slot blocked by the cooler, up to and including even the first PCI-Express slot as well. This is even the case when the fan is mounted to the front and pulling in air.